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My name is Craig Hansen and as my slogan says, I’m a novelist and eBook author. Or at least I will be soon. I have several projects in the works for Kindle and, eventually, Nook publication. I am an Indie author and as I announce projects and books in this space, things will get more exciting around these parts.

Here’s an overview of my forthcoming projects:

A five-volume walk through the Torah (the five books of Moses) from a Messianic perspective. Interesting and challenging devotional reading for Christians and Jewish people alike!

A one-volume look at five of the parables of Yeshua, adapted from recent sermons I gave as a Messianic Rabbi In Training (MRIT).

Finally, I am also an enthusiastic fiction writer and have an exciting murder mystery-thriller in the works. Plans or for it to become a series if it sells well on Kindle and Nook. But I’ll withhold details for now, until I have things copyrighted and such.

If this site seems a bit quiet right now, be sure to check out my other blogs; especially my long-standing blog on the craft of writing,

Shalom for now.

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