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New price for MOST LIKELY

After three and a half months at $2.99, I’ve decided to lower the eBook price of my debut novel, MOST LIKELY. The price change, which is now at $0.99, is not a reflection of the quality of the novel, but an admission of where I am in my career as a writer; very few people know me yet. I need to make more friends who are readers and willing to give me and my work a try.

It reminds me of a story. When I was a kid, I was into comic books, big time. I knew a couple of other kids in my town who were, too. We sometimes traded comics; other times, we bought issues we wanted off each other.

Once, one of those friends had decided he wanted to buy a “rare, even back then” copy of “Spider-Man vs. Superman,” which back then was a whopping $2.50! That represented at least one week’s worth of comic books back in the mid-1970s. It was, at that time, a major investment.

So he was selling off some of his comics and showed me his collection and asked me if there were any I was interested in. Of course, there was. At the time, I was big into TOMB OF DRACULA, written by Marv Wolfman and illustrated by Gene Colon. He had an issue I’d missed when it first came out a year or so earlier, and I’d never been able to find another copy.

“Look,” he told me, “the cover price is thirty-five cents, but this one’s hard to find, and I only need another fifty cents to get Spider-Man vs. Superman. So I’ll let you have it for fifty cents.”

That seemed reasonable to me, so I paid the slightly-inflated price. A few weeks later, I ran into the other friend in town who collected comic books. He was eager to show off to me his latest acquisition: a Tomb of Dracula issue about a year earlier than the one I’d bought. I had my own copy, so I wasn’t jealous. But I was curious where he’d found it. So I asked.

He’d picked it up from our mutual friend. (The three of us were about the only comic book geeks in our small town of 350, by the way.) So I asked how much he’d paid.

“A quarter,” he told me. An issue a year older than mine, for half the price? That didn’t seem right, so the next time I saw our mutual friend, I asked him why he’d charged me twice as much for a newer issue of the same comic.

“I had something you needed, and something I wanted,” he told me. “I needed fifty cents for Spider-Man vs. Superman, and you had fifty cents.”

He’d charged our other friend less, later on, because he’d already acquired Spider-Man vs. Superman.

Even though I understood his reasons, I couldn’t help feeling he’d overcharged me. Even if only by a quarter.

So, back to the present situation.

I still believe that $2.99 is a fair price for an eBook; but it’s a fair price for an eBook by an author with a following, a group of friends who love his work. That circle of people is, right now, very small for me. And recent history has shown that $0.99 is an appropriate price for a new author looking to make new friends; friends who read.

So, today, I initiated a price drop on MOST LIKELY. The new, lower price represents a two-thirds savings over the original list price, and should remove any barriers to trying the book out. With eight reviews on Amazon and four on, MOST LIKELY has been consistently well-reviewed, garnering mostly four-star and a few five-star reviews. Now, the new price makes it easier than ever to try out.

The new price is already live on Amazon, and Smashwords. So go ahead and try it out! I’m moving to this price in celebration of my 45th birthday in September and if people perk up and remain interested, I’ll probably keep it right there for the foreseeable future.

And remember, later in September, I’ll be releasing SHADA, the first installment in the EMBER COLE series of young adult paranormal suspense books. That’ll be only $0.99, as well.

Enjoy these low cost of entry introductions to my writing. Let me know what you think. I hope you’ll find both worthwhile, and that these books will form the beginning of a longstanding friendship.

SHADA cover reveal

Those of you who have been following me for a while know that I have been hard at work on my next release, a short novel known as SHADA, the first installment in the EMBER COLE series of young-adult paranormal suspense books. SHADA is on track currently for a September release, and will be introduced at the friendship price of only $0.99 in eBook format.

To help whet your appetites for the release of SHADA, I wanted all of you, my friends, to see the finalized cover for the book. The design is by Glendon Haddix of Streetlight Graphics and I believe he’s outdone himself once more. Take a look… and get your $0.99 ready, folks. It’s worth it just for the cover alone!

SHADA cover

The cover for SHADA was designed by Glendon Haddix of Streetlight Graphics.

SHADA to beta-readers, pondering strategies

My second novel, SHADA, is now in the hands of my trusted beta-readers. As of around 6 AM CDT this morning.

I took some extra time since Sunday’s post to really polish the draft up one more time, out of respect for the time of my beta-readers. After all, why should I ask them to find the stuff I can easily find on my own, with a little extra effort?

My new editor for SHADA tells me he’ll have the novel turned around in a couple days for me, once I pass it on to him. I’ll do that after I get the feedback back from my beta readers.

As I’m set to release my second novel, and the first that has its origins in the present, and represents the beginning of an ongoing series, I’ve been contemplating my approach to this blog.

I love letting readers know what I’m working on; but the audience for my weekly efforts might not be the same as the audience for my novels. So, inspired by John Locke, I’m thinking about posting here less often, but more effectively, by directing my blog entries here directly at my readers.

For my fellow writers, I’m thinking about moving this sort of content, of interest to my fellow writers, over to my catchall blog focused on writing and reading, But I won’t do that without some warning.

What do all of you think? Would you follow my weekly ROW80 posts just as willingly at another domain, so I can dedicate my author site to the interests of my readers? I welcome your feedback.

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Second Sunday update

Wow, things went very swimmingly today.

After conquering the climactic scene of SHADA, I became very motivated and productive. I wrote a couple thousand more words, wrapped the novel in a bow and typed: THE END. In its current draft, the novel runs just under 30,000 words. That’ll change as I send it out to beta readers and my editor, I’m sure.

I’m still probably a month away from seeing SHADA reach publication, but this is an exciting moment in the history of this short novel. So it’s time to update my Round 3 goals:

DONE 1. Finish SHADA, the short novel prequel to EMBER.

The deed was complete around 5 PM CDT on Sunday, July 31.

DONE 2. Send SHADA to my beta readers.

Technically, it’ll be done before I hit the sheets tonight.

DONE 3. Audition editors and select one to handle duties on SHADA, since my regular editor is unavailable.

Did this earlier this week. I think I’ve found the editor I’m looking for, so I’m counting this as done.

That just leaves the following. I’ve pushed some of my tasks until after the move because my wife and I have a lot to do yet to prepare for the move. So… there’s that.

4. Revise SHADA based on feedback and send to editor.

5. Move to Oregon.

6. Revise SHADA based on editor’s feedback.

7. Publish SHADA to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.

8. One-week blog tour supporting release of SHADA.

9. Following move, publish print/CreateSpace version of SHADA.

10. Work on EMBER whenever I have time to fill out Round 3. Attempt to finish EMBER by the end of Round 3.