Monthly Archives: November 2012
SHADA is now an audiobook!

Shada-150-HeightGreat news, everyone.

SHADA, the novella that kicks off the EMBER COLE series of books, is now officially available as an audio book. The running time is only two hours, thirty-nine minutes, so it’s also an easy listen.

Narrating SHADA is the sparkling voice of talented newcomer Chrissy Swinko, who is simply outstanding. You can read more about her here, like her on Facebook here, or follow her on Twitter here.

Get to know her now, because once word gets out about her, she’s going to pop big in the audio book world. She’s a talent.

If you’re interested in getting a copy yourself, you can find Shada for sale on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. Get it wherever you normally get audio books!

Oh, one more note: I’m hoping to announce the audiobook version of MOST LIKELY before the year is out.

And both EyeCU and EMBER won’t be making their appearances until 2013. Sorry about that, but for books to be well-written, sometimes it takes time.