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Most Likely available in time for holiday season!


It’s here, people! In time for the winter holidays!

The audiobook version of Most Likely, read by talented voiceover artist Jennifer Harvey, can be found here on Amazon and on as well.

I’m told it’s also on, but I don’t know how to link to that, so you’ll have to fire up iTunes and search for me by name and book title there. Get yours now: Jennifer’s performance is outstanding!

Coming Soon: Most Likely in Audiobook format!

Most-Likely-AudioBook-2500x2500It’s been a long time coming, but I have finally been brought to the point where I can make this announcement: the audiobook version of Most Likely will debut soon, with professional narration by the talented Jen Harvey!

Jennifer Harvey, who can be found here, has rented her voice out to books as varied as The Enemy We Know, Spinning Blues Into Gold, Rescue Me, Saving Tristan, and Saying Goodbye.

Now she’s giving voice to the very first novel I ever published, Most Likely, and her work is a home run, in my biased opinion. I’m hoping the title will debut before the Christmas holidays, but it’s all in the hands of ACX right now. It should be listed on, Apple iTunes, and soon, though.

Harvey joins a tiny but talented club of voice artists who’ve brought my works to life; the first was Chrissy Swinko, a little over a year ago, with the audiobook version of Shada.

Look for the debut of this long-awaited title, coming soon!