Ember Cole Series

The Ember Cole Series is a number of young adult paranormal suspense books that will begin to be published in September 2011. The series revolves around an odd young girl named Ember Cole and the group of people who come in and out of her life. Set in a small college town in northwestern Wisconsin, Hope may seem like an idyllic location near an upper Midwest vacationland, but the deep north woods hide many secrets and mysteries.

The first installment, SHADA, is a novella-length story that will be released in September 2011. Click through for more details.

The second installment, EMBER, is a novel-length story set a few months later … and scheduled to be released, hopefully, in 2012.

While paranormal elements come into play in Hope, Wisconsin and the world of Ember Cole, there’s now a sparkly vampire boyfriend lurking in every shadow. The supernatural element exists in this neck of the woods, but it makes itself known a bit less often than some other series in this genre.

What can you NOT expect from the world of Ember Cole, in Hope, Wisconsin? Don’t expect lycan-vampire wars or for every character to have some hidden, secret supernatural ability. There are plenty of normal people in Hope.

What CAN you expect from the world of Ember Cole, in Hope, Wisconsin? That even the normal, non-supernatural people are not what they seem. That secrets lurk in the hearts of others. That sometimes those hidden agendas can be more deadly than an army of zombies.

If you like the paranormal, if you like suspense, but if you also like characters you can identify with, maybe it’s time to pay Hope, Wisconsin a visit. Just pray you survive the experience.

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