Most Likely
Most Likely

The cover for MOST LIKELY was designed by Victorine E. Lieske of Blue Valley Author Services.

Becky Howard is a teen under pressure. Pressure from her best friend not to breathe a word about the abuse she’s suffering by her mother. Pressure from her sister to understand her marital difficulties. Pressure from her boyfriend to get more physical than she’s ready for. And pressure from the rumors about her boyfriend that are eroding her trust in him. As she prepares for the biggest track meet of her life, Becky’s about to learn that sometimes growing up is about more than having sex, and that clinging to ideals might not be as helpful as learning to expect whatever is MOST LIKELY.

MOST LIKELY is approximately 63,000 words long and contains light Christian themes.

Read Chapter 1 now, online, for free!

And just for fun, here’s a mildly bad German translation of Chapter 1, using Google Translate!

MOST LIKELY is currently available Amazon, Barnes and Noble,, and a number of other sites through Smashwords.

A trade paperback version is also available Amazon and most other print book retailers if you order using ISBN number 1463664028 or 978-1463664022.

And finally, an audiobook version narrated by Jennifer Harvey, is now available at Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

Most Likely Most Likely Most Likely
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June 26, 2011: Author interview at’s Books blog courtesy interviewer Nadine Earnshaw. It has also appeared in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer! Yay!

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