ROTTEN: Book 2

RottenAn Amazing Opportunity, A Deadly Threat

In Spoiled, funded for reasons unknown by the mysterious BAM Corp, Inc., Mike Yourchuck seemed on the verge of fulfilling all his dreams. His long-time girlfriend, Julie, finally accepted his proposal.

Only then does he find out there’s a terrible condition attached to the fortune he’s been receiving: his benefactor wants him to kill his future father-in-law.

In Rotten, Mike begins to uncover what makes his father-in-law such a threat. His investigation takes him all the way to rural Dublin, Ireland and back. What he learns will shock and challenge him by placing his sense of values in conflict with his survival instinct.

Will Mike make the right choice? Or is every option open to him already Rotten?

Rotten is the second book in the Spoiled Rotten trilogy and runs approximately thirteen thousand words in length, or just under sixty pages. This novelette raises the stakes as Mike seeks the answers that have haunted him since the first check from BAM Corp arrived in his mailbox.

Rotten is currently available exclusively on It will be released to other platforms at a later date.

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