Tools of the Trade

I imagine the public obsession with what equipment professionals in any field use to do their jobs, especially when they do it well, probably hit musicians long before writers; thus the obsession with Fender Strat-o-Casters over other guitars, for example. Or whatever vocal mics are trendy right now.

That being said, it’s now a frequently-asked-question of writers, as well. I cannot promise that anyone who uses these tools will write any better than they would without them, any more than Jon Bon Jovi can assure me of sounding more like him, even if I were to use his own personal Crown 311-microphone the next time I go to karaoke.

Nevertheless, people do like to know what equipment others use, so in that spirit, herein are my Tools of the Trade:
Windows 10: The debate between Mac and Windows will never end, certainly not by what I use, but Windows 10 is my poison and it runs both my Dell desktop PC, and my Asus laptop, with equal precision. My tablet and cell phone are both Google Android, by the way, though both play a minimal role in my writing. At best.

On Windows 10, my arsenal includes other assets, too.

Literature and Latte’s Windows-flavored version of Scrivener is an excellent writing tool, far better than MS Word for my purposes and writing style. (It is originally a Mac app, so there’s my tip of the hat to Jobs fans.)

Since surviving a massive stroke in 2016, I also make use of Dragon Naturally Speaking dictation software when I write. I also chose the Blue Snowball iCE microphone for that purpose. It required a big shift in mentality, but it keeps me working.

I also find it helpful to use Serenity Software’s Editor program, which helps me keep my prose relatively tidy.

For layout and formatting purposes, I typically use Adobe’s InDesign, like most of the industry. But recently, I decided to try out Anthemion’s Jutoh 2, which I’ve found to be an acceptable solution, if not precisely better; but more affordable, despite a far less impressive find/replace feature.

So, there you have it.